Michael Weinstock

Fabrication Intelligence will ask if we choose to fabricate based on what we have or what our technologies can provide. The topic will be explored from the early history of technology, where tools were made to fit the hand and to fit the job, to the future of fabrication, questioning if technology can instigate a complete rethinking of the materials with which we choose to design.

Michael Weinstock is an Architect, currently Director of Research and Development, and Director of the Emergent Technologies and Design programme in the Graduate School of the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London. Born in Germany, lived as a child in the Far East and then West Africa, and attended an English public school but ran away to sea at age 17 after reading Conrad. Years at sea in traditional wooden sailing ships, with shipyard and shipbuilding experience. Studied Architecture at the Architectural Association and has taught at the AA School of Architecture since 1989 in a range of positions from workshop tutor, Intermediate and then Diploma Unit Master, Master of Technical Studies and through to Academic Head. He has been a leader in bringing awareness and understanding of natural systems and the historical and current impacts of complexity, climatic and ecological changes on human architectures, and of the natural and human dynamics that are currently driving changes in all the systems of nature and civilization.