Daily Events

The AA Visiting School New York gives participants the opportunity to gain knowledge in the fields of biomimicry, material systems, advanced manufacturing and architectural design through hands-on project development alongside industry leaders. The Visiting School will be supported by a series of design seminars, lectures and office visits from leading academics and practitioners in the fields of architecture, engineering, biomimetics and generative design.

Workshop Welcome

July 6th

Directors’ Presentations

July 6th

Form and Affect

July 6th and 7th

3D Printing

July 7th

Design Sessions

Multiple Sessions

Structured Surfaces

July 8th, 9th and 10th

Material Systems

July 8th

Natural Systems

July 8th

Biomimicry in Architecture with Darrick Borowski

July 8th

Embedded Intelligence

July 8th

Developable Surfaces

July 9th

Sean Ahlquist

July 9th

Laser Cutting

July 10th

Technical Sessions

Multiple Sessions

Exploring Texture

July 13th

Pattern and Performance

July 14th and 15th

Chuck Hoberman

July 14th

Machinic Systems

July 16th and 17th

CNC Routing

July 16th

Embedded Intelligence Exhibition

July 17th